Sustainable transport

We offer flexible, sustainable and affordable logistics solutions from Europe and southern Sweden to the north parts of Scandinavia. We are not dependent on a specific transport company, which enables flexible and cost-effective transport solutions.

Sea freight
Is the cheapest and most sustainable way to transport goods over long distances. We are perfectly located in Umeå harbour and can offer competitive sea freight from Europe all the way to Umeå and of course from Umeå to Europe. By using hubs in England, Germany and the Netherlands, we can arrange efficient and environmentally friendly transport. You can choose to send the goods in containers or on cassettes (load carriers that facilitate loading). Rolling unit that can be driven ex car, caravan or tractor can also be transported to and from Umeå.

Railway transport
If faster transport than a boat is needed, trains are often a good alternative to sea freight. Trains are a more sustainable and economical solution than lorries. We help you optimize your transports from Europe and southern Sweden up to Umeå. Of course, we can arrange truck transport from the train to the final destination of the goods.

Road transport

The most flexible and fastest way to transport goods. Can be a good choice for shorter transport distances such as distribution in the local area and when in a hurry.



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