Warehouse solution

For reasons that vary, some activities require entirely unique and individual solutions while others offer opportunities for sharing resources in areas such as staffing, premises and equipment in a shared warehouse solution. Based on this, we therefore offer dedicated as well as shared solutions for warehouse operations.

Dedicated warehouse solution
Specific market requirements, geography, special requirements regulating how your goods are to be handled and stored or economy of scale in your warehouse activities are some of the reasons that justify a dedicated warehouse solution for your storage needs. Based on your specific requirements and needs we design a solution for achieving the right costs and services. We are responsible for driving the business according to set targets and work actively and in a highly structured way in collaboration with you, our client, to achieve continuous improvements.

Shared warehouse solution
There are several cases where similar warehouse activities can be coordinated in a joint operating solution. A shared warehouse solution means we can store and manage goods at our premises for several customers with similar requirements and needs and by so doing exploit the flexibility advantages and cost benefits of allowing a number of assignments to share resources such as storage capacity, staff, forklift trucks and IT support. Obviously we are responsible for ensuring business activities are conducted according to set targets. Together we work actively and in a highly structured way to achieve continuous improvements.

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