Our business

Our mission is to make our customers more successful.
ILogistics is a logistics service provider based in UmeƄ with market coverage that extends to wherever our customers take us. Since the launch of the company in 1999, we have provided logistics services to both regional and global industrial and commercial enterprises; all with extremely high demands with regard to quality and development.

It is obvious to us that we must deliver performance that outclasses what our customers can achieve independently. Only then can we justify our existence and make our customers more successful. We do not believe it is possible to be the best at everything. We have, instead, chosen a well-defined focal point and specialisation in our role as a logistics service provider and operations partner. We also put great emphasis on growth and development and continuous improvement. Read more about our offerings under Services and Industrial Sector & Segments in the menu.

ILogistics is owned by Storskogen Industrier AB.