Working at ILogistics


Working at ILogistics means becoming part of a team that constantly strives to exceed our customers’ expectations while safeguarding the well-being of the individual. Our core values are based on a reliability, cost-effectiveness, agility, discretion and sincerity, development, and on leading by example. We believe in re-examination and in being driven and proactive in our day-to-day work and constantly work to improve ourselves. Consequently, change is our natural state, and to enjoy being a member of our team this must be a milieu in which you would feel comfortable.

A wide range of roles, skills and expertise are needed to design competitive and modern logistics service solutions. It is not the premises or the IT solutions that are pivotal to our success, but the skills, experience and character of our employees. We are therefore always looking for driven, interested individuals with inquiring minds who want to be instrumental in helping our customers become more successful.
Our business is evolving rapidly, opening up the opportunity for an exciting career with tremendous development potential.

Find out about our vacant positions or send us an open application via email.