Construction Logistics

The construction industry in Sweden has a turnover of billions of Swedish crowns every year. Logistics and supply of materials to the project sites has always been a challenge for all construction companies. We now see that the focus in this area is increasing and many companies recognize the importance of having a good logistical structure to support project sites. The construction of new buildings or renovating buildings out at the countryside or in a central urban place requires completely different set ups on how the material should be supplied to the project site. There are limitations to both work surfaces, and the possibility of sorting, packing or repacking and of course weather protection.
Through our experience from both new and old customers in the construction industry, we are able to offer a complete solution to all your projects sites. We take responsibility for the shipping from your subcontractors, goods receiving (number and check for any shipping damage) of incoming goods, we store the material based on your needs, assemble modules to project sites but most of all – deliver the right materials to the project site at exactly the time you need it.

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